We can do special requests. E-mail us with your idea for a quote.
-Raised lettered design's or round linkages start at: $169.99 free shipping (powder coated harley texture black with polished letters)     
--Complex 3D designs start at: $225 (powder coated harley texture black with polished highlights)
-Chrome plating with black paint inlay :$30 extra
tamarack_2022c010064.jpg tamarack_2022c010062.jpg tamarack_2022c010061.jpg tamarack_2022c010055.jpg tamarack_2022c010050.jpg tamarack_2022c010049.jpg tamarack_2022c010045.jpg
E-mail us anytime with questions: tmworks@comcast.net
or call 559-908-9729 (Monday -Friday only)