V-Rod Shock Lowering Kits for 2004 and newer
1" Black powder coated
 : $79.99 
1.75" Black powder coated
 : $79.99 

The following recommendations are intended to reduce the possibility of bottoming out, the fender hitting the belt guard or other issues that may arise when lowering a motorcycle. Riding habits and how much weight you place on the bike can also increase or decrease the possibility of bottoming out. Please contact us if you have any questions.



NOTE#1: Our 1.75 kit is designed for use on the VRSCR (Street Rod) only with the long shocks (14.5"). Our 1.75" is not recommended on Night Rod's or V-Rod Muscles. Its to low.

 NOTE #2: Our 1 kit will work on Street Rod applications up to maximum GRV rating with proper shock spring settings. On Night Rods Or V-Rod Muscle applications a maximum weight recommendation of 225 Lbs. should be observed with maximum shock spring settings. Will not work on Night Rod Special with 240 tire unless fender clearance is made. Will work on Muscle with 240 tire

NOTE #3: These kits (1 or 1.75) will not work with the chrome plated axel end covers. -These kits will also not work on A"or "AW" model V-Rod's with long spring adjustment skirts. Please contact us on how to make it work on these models.

Kits come standard with all necessary bolts and pictured installation instructions




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