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2000-2005 Dyna's
2006 and newer Dyna's
2005 and newer 
2004 and newer V-Rod's 
1995-1999 Dyna's
     # THFXD-1
Custom design and machining at a higher level.
"We take it from concept to finished product".
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 Custom Designed Derby, timing covers, Belt drive covers

-Click on picture below to see our customer requested designed  shift linkages

Got a linkage in mind that you have been wanting?  contact us to see what we can do for you.

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contact us with questions: tmworks@comcast.net or call 559-908-9729
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2002 -2012
Touring bikes with air shocks
2013 -2016
Touring bikes with air shocks
 2010 -2020
Touring bikes with Premuim Hand Adjustable Spring Shocks
 # THFL-1S
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These kits are OUR original, high quality, trademark design rear lowering kit's for use on Harley's. Our kits are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. under one roof  and backed by an unparalleled quality and service reputation.  Thousands of kits of various models sold world wide. "Put something on your motorcycle that looks like it belongs there"TM

-Original concepts and superior quality machined designs

-custom designed machining or small lot production services available also.

-Prototyping services available also for about anything


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